An open-source jQuery plugin to quickly and easily create mouse-driven panning behaviour suitable for a wide variety of content. Supports three different mouse interaction modes with sensible defaults to get you up and running. View the project page on Github.


A command line utility for performing fuzzy string matching; useful for cleaning up messy data sets. Github link.

Circular Pong

Quite literally the most groundbreaking development in Pong technology in living memory. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry. It will make you think. Play it now.

What Was I Doing?

Often, I'll have to switch tasks a lot over the course of a day. When it comes time to fill in timesheets I'll struggle to remember exactly what I was doing and how long I did it for, which prompted me to develop this small tool. Every half an hour, it will prompt you with a dialog box to type in a brief note about your activity. Each note gets written to a plain text file in your home directory for later review. Written in C#, it's available on github here.