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Sunak 'incredibly angry' over alleged election betting - The prime minister promises to "boot out" anyone found to have broken gambling laws from the Conservatives.

Analysis: Impassioned Question Time audience puts leaders on the spot - The BBC's chief political correspondent analyses the key moments of Thursday's Leaders' Special.

If a university goes bust, students living at home may have most to lose - Whoever forms the next government is going to find it hard to ignore the issue of university funding

North Korea building border ‘wall’, satellite images reveal - North Korea is building sections of what appears to be a wall in several places near its border with South Korea, new satellite images show.

Actor Donald Sutherland dies aged 88 - The star of films including The Hunger Games and Animal House has died after a long illness.

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Anthropic delivers Claude 3.5 model – and a new way to work with chatbots - Fast, funny, visionary, perhaps, but hey at least there's real-time output tweaking Video OpenAI challenger Anthropic has delivered its latest model — Claude 3.5 Sonnet — and claimed it outperforms rivals on many tasks.…

Google’s attempt to kill off child privacy app advertising lawsuit defeated - Won't somebody pleeease think of the ... oh, right, they are A lawsuit accusing Google of breaking America's child privacy laws will proceed to trial as a judge denied the web goliath's motion to throw out the case.…

Crooks get their hands on 500K+ radiology patients' records in cyber-attack - Two ransomware gangs bragged of massive theft of personal info and medical files Consulting Radiologists has notified almost 512,000 patients that digital intruders accessed their personal and medical information during a February cyberattack.…

Biden bans Kaspersky: No more sales, updates in US - Blockade begins July 20 on national security grounds as antivirus slinger vows to fight back The Biden administration today banned the sale of Kaspersky Lab products and services in the United States, declaring the Russian biz a national security risk.…

Car dealer software bigshot CDK pulls systems offline twice amid 'cyber incident' - Downtime set to crash into next week The vendor behind the software on which nearly 15,000 car dealerships across the US rely says an ongoing "cyber incident" has forced it to pull systems offline for a second time in as many days.…

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Sick chimpanzees seek out range of plants with medicinal properties - Chimpanzees with wounds or gut infections seem to add unusual plants to their diet, and tests show that many of these plants have antibacterial or anti-inflammatory effects

Overheated trees are contributing to urban air pollution - An aerial survey of Los Angeles reveals that high temperatures cause plants to emit more compounds that can contribute to harmful ozone and PM2.5 air pollution

Microphone made of atom-thick graphene could be used in smartphones - Reducing the size of the microphone in electronic devices would allow manufacturers to include more of them, increasing the capability for noise cancellation

Watch leeches jump by coiling their bodies like cobras - Researchers have confirmed a centuries-old rumour that leeches can jump, which they may do to land their next blood meal

Could we merge biologically with the fungal network and live forever? - In this week's Future Chronicles column, which explores an imagined history of future inventions, we visit a cult in 2080s Japan that engineered a way of becoming chimeric with fungal biology. Rowan Hooper reveals their history

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New York Bans 'Addictive Feeds' For Teens - New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signed two bills into law on Thursday that aim to protect kids and teens from social media harms, making it the latest state to take action as federal proposals still await votes. From a report: One of the bills, the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act, will require parental consent for social media companies to use "addictive feeds" powered by recommendation algorithms on kids and teens under 18. The other, the New York Child Data Protection Act, would limit data collection on minors without consent and restrict the sale of such information but does not require age verification. That law will take effect in a year. States across the country have taken the lead on enacting legislation to protect kids on the internet -- and it's one area where both Republicans and Democrats seem to agree. While the approaches differ somewhat by party, policymakers on both sides have signaled urgent interest in similar regulations to protect kids on the internet. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), for example, signed into law in March a bill requiring parents' consent for kids under 16 to hold social media accounts. And in May, Maryland Governor Wes Moore (D) signed a broad privacy bill into law, as well as the Maryland Kids Code banning the use of features meant to keep minors on social media for extended periods, like autoplay or spammy notifications. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Car Dealerships Hit With Massive Computer System Outage - An anonymous reader shares a report: CDK Global, the company that provides management software for nearly 15,000 car dealerships in North America, is down for a second day following a cyberattack, according to a report from Automotive News. The outage has left car dealerships across North America unable to access the internal systems used to track car sales, view customer information, schedule maintenance, and more. On Wednesday, CDK Global told dealerships that it's "investigating a cyber incident" and "proactively shut all systems down" while addressing the issue. However, as reported by Automotive News, CDK Global restored its systems shortly after, only to shut them down hours later due to "an additional cyber incident." Read more of this story at Slashdot.

TikTok Says US Ban Inevitable Without a Court Order Blocking Law - TikTok and Chinese parent ByteDance on Thursday urged a U.S. court to strike down a law they say will ban the popular short app in the United States on Jan. 19, saying the U.S. government refused to engage in any serious settlement talks after 2022. From a report: Legislation signed in April by President Joe Biden gives ByteDance until Jan. 19 of next year to divest TikTok's U.S. assets or face a ban on the app used by 170 million Americans. ByteDance says a divestiture is "not possible technologically, commercially, or legally." The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia will hold oral arguments on lawsuits filed by TikTok and ByteDance along with TikTok users on Sept. 16. TikTok's future in the United States may rest on the outcome of the case which could impact how the U.S. government uses its new authority to clamp down on foreign-owned apps. "This law is a radical departure from this country's tradition of championing an open Internet, and sets a dangerous precedent allowing the political branches to target a disfavored speech platform and force it to sell or be shut down," ByteDance and TikTok argue in asking the court to strike down the law. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Meta's Customer Service is So Bad, Users Are Suing in Small Claims Court To Resolve Issues - Facebook and Instagram users are increasingly turning to small claims courts to regain access to their accounts or seek damages from Meta, amid frustrations with the company's customer support. In several cases across multiple states, Engadget reports, plaintiffs have successfully restored account access or won financial compensation. Meta often responds by contacting litigants before court dates, attempting to resolve issues out of court. The trend, popularized on social media forums, highlights ongoing customer service issues at the tech giant. Some users report significant financial losses due to inaccessible business-related accounts. While small claims court offers a more accessible legal avenue, Meta typically deploys legal resources to respond to these claims. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

London Premiere of Movie With AI-Generated Script Cancelled After Backlash - A cinema in London has cancelled the world premiere of a film with a script generated by AI after a backlash. From a report: The Prince Charles cinema, located in London's West End and which traditionally screens cult and art films, was due to host a showing of a new production called The Last Screenwriter on Sunday. However the cinema announced on social media that the screening would not go ahead. In its statement the Prince Charles said: "The feedback we received over the last 24hrs once we advertised the film has highlighted the strong concern held by many of our audience on the use of AI in place of a writer which speaks to a wider issue within the industry." Directed by Peter Luisi and starring Nicholas Pople, The Last Screenwriter is a Swiss production that describes itself as the story of "a celebrated screenwriter" who "finds his world shaken when he encounters a cutting edge AI scriptwriting system ... he soon realises AI not only matches his skills but even surpasses him in empathy and understanding of human emotions." The screenplay is credited to "ChatGPT 4.0." OpenAI launched its latest model, GPT-4o, in May. Luisi told the Daily Beast that the cinema had cancelled the screening after it received 200 complaints, but that a private screening for cast and crew would still go ahead in London. Read more of this story at Slashdot.