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Family of man kicked by police left 'traumatised' - The condition of the man involved in the incident at Manchester Airport has worsened, a solicitor says.

Watch: How drones and the battle for Ukraine are changing the future of warfare - Drone technology has made the war more immediate and more deadly – and opened up a new battleground.

Aniston hits back at 'childless' remark by Trump's VP pick - The Friends star has previously spoken about her struggles while trying to have children through IVF.

Rob Burrow gets posthumous nomination for podcast award - The rugby legend is posthumously nominated for the rising star award at the British Podcast Awards.

Jury discharged in 'Good Samaritan' murder trial - Hassan Jhangur admits causing the death by dangerous driving of Chris Marriott in Sheffield.

The Register

Oracle's Java pricing brews bitter taste, subscribers spill over to OpenJDK - Following licensing changes, 86% of users head for the door. Coincidence? Only 14 percent of Oracle Java subscribers plan to stay on Big Red's runtime environment, according to a study following the introduction of an employee-based subscription model.…

Uncle Sam accuses telco IT pro of decade-long spying campaign for China - Beijing has a long history of recruiting US residents to carry out various espionage activities The US is looking to prosecute a Chinese immigrant over claims he has been drip-feeding information of interest to Beijing since at least 2012.…

Microsoft adds generative search to its Bing engine - Looks a lot like Google's AI Overviews, hopefully without some of the early unfortunate summaries Microsoft is adding generative search to Bing despite the search engine's market share showing no increase after prior AI tech additions.…

Apple Maps escapes orchard into web browser wilds - Chrome and Edge on Windows can now join the fun Apple has introduced its mapping technology to devices outside its ecosystem with a web version that works in Chrome and Edge on Windows PCs.…

STMicroelectronics sees sharp decline in Q2 earnings amid weak auto sector demand - NXP Semiconductors and Texas Instruments also hit by slowdown Euro chipmaker STMicroelectronics saw revenue and net income slump in Q2 of this year, blaming low demand in the automotive sector while orders elsewhere failed to meet expectations, in a hint that the semiconductor industry is still in a rough patch.…

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Hundreds of Greenland's glacial lakes have burst since 2008 - Using satellite data, researchers identified hundreds of glacial lakes in Greenland that flooded their frozen shores over the past decade – helping speed up global sea level rise

Chinese nuclear reactor is completely meltdown-proof - The first ever full-scale demonstration of a nuclear reactor designed to passively cool itself in an emergency was a success, showing that it should be possible to build nuclear plants without the risk of dangerous meltdown

Physicists may now have a way to make element 120 – the heaviest ever - A method that helped create two atoms of the rare, super-heavy element livermorium may pave the way towards making the hypothetical element 120

One of Earth's major carbon sinks collapsed in 2023 - Forests and other land ecosystems emitted almost as much carbon dioxide as they absorbed in 2023 – if this persists it will be much harder to restrict global warming to agreed targets

DeepMind AI gets silver medal at International Mathematical Olympiad - AlphaProof, an AI from Google DeepMind, came close to matching the top participants in a prestigious competition for young mathematicians

Hacker News

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North Korean Hackers Are Stealing Military Secrets, Say US and Allies - North Korean hackers have conducted a global cyber espionage campaign to try to steal classified military secrets to support Pyongyang's banned nuclear weapons programme, the United States, Britain and South Korea said in a joint advisory on Thursday. From a report: The hackers, dubbed Anadriel or APT45 by cybersecurity researchers, have targeted or breached computer systems at a broad variety of defence or engineering firms, including manufacturers of tanks, submarines, naval vessels, fighter aircraft, and missile and radar systems, the advisory said. "The authoring agencies believe the group and the cyber techniques remain an ongoing threat to various industry sectors worldwide, including but not limited to entities in their respective countries, as well as in Japan and India," the advisory said. It was co-authored by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and cyber agencies, Britain's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and South Korea's National Intelligence Service (NIS). "The global cyber espionage operation that we have exposed today shows the lengths that DPRK state-sponsored actors are willing to go to pursue their military and nuclear programmes," said Paul Chichester at the NCSC, a part of Britain's GCHQ spy agency. The FBI also issued an arrest warrant for one of the alleged North Korean hackers, and offered a reward of up to $10 million for information that would lead to his arrest. He was charged with hacking and money laundering, according to a poster uploaded to the FBI's Most Wanted website on Thursday. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Southwest Scraps Open Seating, Ending Decades-Long Practice - Southwest Airlines announced Thursday that it will get rid of open seating in a sweeping change from its decades-long practice. Instead, it will begin assigning seats and offer premium seating with extra leg room. From a report: Southwest CEO Bob Jordan said, "Our implementation of assigned and premium seating is part of an ongoing and comprehensive upgrade to the Customer Experience, one that research shows Customers overwhelmingly prefer." The low-fare airline has had a tradition of open seating for more than 50 years. Customers taking longer flights preferred assigned seats, according to Southwest. Airlines can also charge more for assigned and premium seating, enabling them to boost profits. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Google DeepMind's AI Systems Can Now Solve Complex Math Problems - Google DeepMind has announced that its AI systems, AlphaProof and AlphaGeometry 2, have achieved silver medal performance at the 2024 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), solving four out of six problems and scoring 28 out of 42 possible points in a significant breakthrough for AI in mathematical reasoning. This marks the first time an AI system has reached such a high level of performance in this prestigious competition, which has long been considered a benchmark for advanced mathematical reasoning capabilities in machine learning. AlphaProof, a system that combines a pre-trained language model with reinforcement learning techniques, demonstrated its new capability by solving two algebra problems and one number theory problem, including the competition's most challenging question. Meanwhile, AlphaGeometry 2 successfully tackled a complex geometry problem, Google wrote in a blog post. The systems' solutions were formally verified and scored by prominent mathematicians, including Fields Medal winner Prof Sir Timothy Gowers and IMO Problem Selection Committee Chair Dr Joseph Myers, lending credibility to the achievement. The development of these AI systems represents a significant step forward in bridging the gap between natural language processing and formal mathematical reasoning, the company argued. By fine-tuning a version of Google's Gemini model to translate natural language problem statements into formal mathematical language, the researchers created a vast library of formalized problems, enabling AlphaProof to train on millions of mathematical challenges across various difficulty levels and topic areas. While the systems' performance is impressive, challenges remain, particularly in the field of combinatorics where both AI models were unable to solve the given problems. Researchers at Google DeepMind continue to investigate these limitations, the company said, aiming to further improve the systems' capabilities across all areas of mathematics. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Adobe Exec Compared Creative Cloud Cancellation Fees To 'Heroin' - Early termination fees are "a bit like heroin for Adobe," according to an Adobe executive quoted in the FTC's newly unredacted complaint against the company for allegedly hiding fees and making it too hard to cancel Creative Cloud. The Verge: "There is absolutely no way to kill off ETF or talk about it more obviously" in the order flow without "taking a big business hit," this executive said. That's the big reveal in the unredacted complaint, which also contains previously unseen allegations that Adobe was internally aware of studies showing its order and cancellation flows were too complicated and customers were unhappy with surprise early termination fees. In a short interview, Adobe's general counsel and chief trust officer, Dana Rao, pushed back on both the specific quote and the FTC's complaint more generally, telling me that he was "disappointed in the way they're continuing to take comments out of context from non-executive employees from years ago to make their case." Read more of this story at Slashdot.

AI Video Generator Runway Trained On Thousands of YouTube Videos Without Permission - samleecole writes: A leaked document obtained by 404 Media shows company-wide effort at generative AI company Runway, where employees collected thousands of YouTube videos and pirated content for training data for its Gen-3 Alpha model. The model -- initially codenamed Jupiter and released officially as Gen-3 -- drew widespread praise from the AI development community and technology outlets covering its launch when Runway released it in June. Last year, Runway raised $141 million from investors including Google and Nvidia, at a $1.5 billion valuation. The spreadsheet of training data viewed by 404 Media and our testing of the model indicates that part of its training data is popular content from the YouTube channels of thousands of media and entertainment companies, including The New Yorker, VICE News, Pixar, Disney, Netflix, Sony, and many others. It also includes links to channels and individual videos belonging to popular influencers and content creators, including Casey Neistat, Sam Kolder, Benjamin Hardman, Marques Brownlee, and numerous others. Read more of this story at Slashdot.