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Narrow 'No' lead in Scots referendum - Ten out of 12 areas to declare their vote in the Scottish independence referendum reject leaving the UK, putting the "No" campaign narrowly ahead.

Video of British hostage released - A new video is released showing a British man, identified as journalist John Cantlie, believed to be held hostage by Islamic State militants.

Obama hails Congress vote on Syria - President Obama says Congress's backing for his $500m plan to aid moderate Syrian rebels shows the world the US is united against Islamic State.

Eight dead in Florida house shooting - A grandfather shot dead his daughter and her six children before taking his own life at a home in Bell, Florida, police say.

Ebola 'threat to world security' - The UN Security Council declares the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a threat to international peace and security.

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Samsung unlocks Knox at zero bucks - The race to zero in the mobile device management market has begun Samsung has dropped the cost of its mobile device management (MDM) suite Knox to $0.…

Apple iStuff saved by Beer - iOS, OS X bug busting bonanza bash Apple has crushed a tonne of bugs across its products including 53 a piece in iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks, the majority reported by Google researcher Ian Beer.…

Red Hat to Wall Street: I came here to chew FeedHenry and kick some ass. And I'm all out of FeedHenry - rpm -i profit.q2.2015 Red Hat surprised analysts with very strong earnings for the second quarter of its fiscal 2015 on Thursday, even as the Linux vendor looked to enter the enterprise mobile apps market with a €63.5m ($82m) acquisition.…

How's this for a biz expense? SAP pops $8.3 BEELLION on company card for Concur - That's about three or so Minecrafts, right? SAP has announced it has agreed to acquire enterprise travel and business expense management software purveyor Concur Technologies in an $8.3bn takeover deal.…

Give a big hand to the 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus – seriously, you'll need it - Apple in peak form on hardware – and narky rules ... but we still got a fiddle First Fondle If the long queues for the iPhone 6 at the Broadway Apple Store in inner Sydney are any guide, Apple is back on top.…

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Feedback: Ig Nobel prize for watching dogs urinate - The prizewinning science of banana-skin slips, seeing Jesus in toast and dogs aligning themselves with magnetic fields lines when relieving themselves

Chances of first life improved by weighted dice - Adjusting the numbers of various types of molecule in the environment seem to improve the chances of self-replicating life generating spontaneously

US opens 'drone zones' for a year of pioneer testing - From farming to firefighting, drones will soon fly into everyday life in the US – the Federal Aviation Administration has six flight zones paving the way

Strangest star: 6 things we didn't know about the sun - With its fiery rains, speedy magnetic flips and an atmosphere that defies the laws of physics – our home star is as weird as it gets (full text available to subscribers)

Global population may boom well beyond the year 2050 - The population was expected to peak at 9 billion by 2050, but high fertility rates in Africa may mean it surges as high as 12.3 billion by 2100

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Alibaba Raises $21.8B in Initial Public Offering - Comments

How to buy a tank. A BRDM-2 story. English version - Comments

“We've been acquired and Twitpic will live on” - Comments

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Slashdot Asks: What's In Your Home Datacenter? - First time accepted submitter jvschwarz writes There was a time when I had rack-mount systems at home, preferring old Unix boxes, Sun-3 and early SPARC machines, but have moved to low-power machines, Raspberry Pi systems, small NAS boxes, etc. Looks like some are taking it to another level. What do other slashdotters have in their Home Datacenter? Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Dealership Commentator: Tesla's Going To Win In Every State - cartechboy writes Unless you've been in a coma for a while you're aware that many dealer associations have been causing headaches for Tesla in multiple states. The reason? They are scared. Tesla's new, different, and shaking up the ridiculously old way of doing things. But the thing is, Tesla keeps winning. Now Ward's commenter Jim Ziegler, president of Ziegler Supersystems in Atlanta, wrote an opinion piece that basically says Tesla's going to prevail in every state against dealer lawsuits. He says Tesla's basically busy defending what are nuisance suits. This leads to the question of whether there will be some sort of sweeping federal action in Tesla's favor. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Microsoft Lays Off 2,100, Axes Silicon Valley Research - walterbyrd writes with news of Microsoft layoffs. Microsoft Corp will close its Silicon Valley research-and-development operation as part of 2,100 layoffs announced on Thursday, as it moves toward its new CEO's goal of cutting 18,000 staff, or about 14 percent of its workforce. News of the closure of the Microsoft Research lab at the company's campus in Mountain View, California, was first made public on Twitter by employees. The company later confirmed the move and said it would involve the loss of 50 jobs. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died - writes When Apple published its first Transparency Report on government activity in late 2013, the document contained an important footnote that stated: "Apple has never received an order under Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act. We would expect to challenge such an order if served on us." Now Jeff John Roberts writes at Gigaom that Apple's warrant canary has disappeared. A review of the company's last two Transparency Reports, covering the second half of 2013 and the first six months of 2014, shows that the "canary" language is no longer there suggesting that Apple is now part of FISA or PRISM proceedings. Warrant canaries are a tool used by companies and publishers to signify to their users that, so far, they have not been subject to a given type of law enforcement request such as a secret subpoena. If the canary disappears, then it is likely the situation has changed — and the company has been subject to such request. This may also give some insight into Apple's recent decision to rework its latest encryption in a way that makes it almost impossible for the company to turn over data from most iPhones or iPads to police. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Mystery Signal Could Be Dark Matter Hint In ISS Detector - astroengine writes Analysis of 41 billion cosmic rays striking the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer particle detector aboard the International Space Station shows an unknown phenomena that is "consistent with a dark matter particle" known as a neutralino, researchers announced Thursday. Key to the hunt is the ratio of positrons to electrons and so far the evidence from AMS points in the direction of dark matter. The smoking gun scientists look for is a rise in the ratio of positrons to electrons, followed by a dramatic fall — the telltale sign of dark matter annihilating the Milky Way's halo, which lies beyond its central disk of stars and dust. However, "we have not found the definitive proof of dark matter," AMS lead researcher Samuel Ting, with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and CERN in Switzerland, wrote in an email to Discovery News. "Whereas all the AMS results point in the right direction, we still need to measure how quickly the positron fraction falls off at the highest energies in order to rule out astrophysical sources such as pulsars." But still, this new finding is a tantalizing step in the dark matter direction. Read more of this story at Slashdot.