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Leicester win Premier League title - Leicester City - 5,000-1 outsiders in August - are Premier League champions in one of the greatest ever sporting achievements.

Police shoot suspect dead during raid - A man shot dead by armed police was on bail in relation to the suspected murder of a 73-year-old man in Kent, it emerges.

Breast cancer genetic discovery hailed - Scientists say they now have a near-perfect picture of the genetic events that cause breast cancer, which they hope will unlock new ways of treating the disease.

Trump accuses China of trade 'rape' - Republican Party front-runner Donald Trump steps up his criticism of China's trade policy, accusing it of "raping" the US.

Syria conflict 'out of control' - Kerry - US Secretary of State John Kerry says the Syrian conflict is "in many ways out of control", as he tries to salvage a nine-week truce.

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3-in-4 Android phones, slabs, gizmos menaced by fresh hijack flaws - Another month, another round of critical vulnerabilities patched by Google Google has today issued a bundle of 40 security patches for its Android operating system.…

Getting shafted the Silicon Valley way - We review season 3, episode 2 of HBO's tech satire Recap If there was one standout moment from the latest episode of tech satire Silicon Valley it would have to be when our eponymous hero finds out he is being shafted by his new CEO while in the background a thoroughbred horse is literally shafted by a white stallion.…

Nvidia, Samsung pump brakes in car-crash GPU patent rip-off race - After swerving through the courts with lawsuits, tech giants call last-minute truce Samsung and Nvidia say they have agreed to a settlement that will end all patent litigation between the pair.…

Restaurant booked, flowers ordered ... Microsoft has a hot date for SQL Server 2016 - Mark June 1 in your calendar Microsoft has announced that SQL Server 2016 for Windows will go into general availability on June 1 and is positioning it against Oracle on cost, security, and speed.…

Cavium snubs MIPS, picks 64-bit ARM for next-gen network SoCs - Designers of brains inside your networking gear wheel out the 24-core Octeon-TX Cavium – the brains behind the chips in big-brand networking products – has plumped for the ARM architecture over MIPS in its next-generation network processors.…

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Trio of Earth-sized planets around nearby star could reveal life - Astronomers have discovered three exoplanets in orbit around a nearby dwarf star, making them good targets for atmospheric analysis

Game of bones: first Europeans’ shifting fortunes found in DNA - Prehistoric Europe was a dynamic place where human populations would rise to dominance, get swept aside by others and then rise again years later, and a new genetic analysis shows what happened

Rain spawns more rain when it falls on ploughed land - As rain falls on soil it can loft tiny organic particles into the air, which help to form clouds and generate more rain. This could have consequences climate models

Recycled coffee grounds could make roads smoother and greener - Mixing coffee grounds with waste slag from the steel industry produces a material strong enough for use in road construction

An Earth made verdant by greenhouse gases brings its own dangers - Fresh evidence that carbon pollution is greening our planet will be billed as good news by climate deniers. It isn't, says Olive Heffernan

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20-Yr-Old Compaq Laptop Is Still Crucial to Maintaining McLaren's Multi-Million Dollar Cars - An anonymous reader writes: It may come as a surprise to many, but the 20-year-old Compaq LTE 5280 still plays a vital role in maintaining multi-million dollar McLaren F1s. Jalopnik recently visited McLaren's Special Operations workshop where it found several of Compaq's old laptops serving their masters. Why do they rely on these dated computers, you ask? A McLaren Special Operations staff explains, "The reason we need those specific Compaq laptops is that they run a bespoke CA card which is installed into them. The CA card is an interface between the laptop software (which is DOS based) and the car. We are currently working on a new interface which will be compatible with modern laptops as the old Compaqs are getting less and less reliable and harder to find." For those wondering, the Compaq LTE 5280 comes with a 120MHz Intel Pentium processor, up to "80MB" of RAM, and up to 16MB of HDD. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Samsung, Nvidia End Their Patent Lawsuits - Reader itwbennett writes: In September 2014, Nvidia sued both Samsung and Qualcomm, asking for shipments of Galaxy phones and tablets with graphics processors from Qualcomm, ARM and Imagination Technologies to be blocked. Samsung fired back, suing Nvidia for patent infringement, and for supposedly false claims by Nvidia that its Tegra K1 was the world's fastest mobile processor. Now, in an agreement announced today, Nvidia and Samsung have agreed to 'settle all outstanding IP litigation'. Under the agreement, the companies will license 'a small number' of patents to each other, though they said there's no broad cross-license agreement. There's also no financial payment. And no mention was made of Qualcomm. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Without Encryption, Everything Stops, Says Snowden - An anonymous reader writes about Snowden's appearance on a debate with CNN's Fareed Zakaria: Edward Snowden defended the importance of encryption, calling it the "backbone of computer security." He said, "Encryption saves lives. Encryption protects property. Without it, our economy stops. Our government stops. Everything stops. Our intelligence agencies say computer security is a bigger problem than terrorism, than crime, than anything else," he noted. "[...] Lawful access to any device or communication cannot be provided to anybody without fatally compromising the security of everybody." Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Gas Delivery Startups Want to Fill Up Your Car Anywhere, But It Might Not Be Legal - Eric Newcomer, reporting for Bloomberg: A new crop of startups are trying to make gas stations obsolete. Tap an app, and they'll bring the gas to you, filling up your car while you're at work or at home. Filld, WeFuel, Yoshi, Purple and Booster Fuels have started operating in a few cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia. But officials in some of those cities say that driving around in a pickup truck with hundreds of gallons of gasoline might not be safe. "It is not permitted," said Lt. Jonathan Baxter, a spokesman for the San Francisco fire department, adding that if San Francisco residents see any companies fueling vehicles in the city, they should call the fire department. "We haven't talked to them. I don't know about that. It's news to me," said Nick Alexander, co-founder of Yoshi. "You can never ask for permission because no one will give it," said Chris Aubuchon, the chief executive officer at Filld. The Los Angeles Fire Department said it's drafting a policy around gasoline delivery. "Our current fire code does not allow this process; however, we are exploring a way this could be allowed with some restrictions," said Capt. Daniel Curry, a spokesman for the city's fire department. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

WhatsApp Blocked in Brazil for 72 Hours Over Data Dispute - An anonymous reader cites an article on TechCrunch: WhatsApp, Facebook's messaging service that recently rolled out end-to-end encryption to its users, will be blocked in Brazil for 72 hours, starting this afternoon. A Brazilian judge ordered telecom providers in the country to block WhatsApp today in a dispute over access to encrypted data. Judge Marcel Montalvao has ordered WhatsApp to turn over chat records related to a drug investigation, but WhatsApp has argued that it cannot access the chats in an unencrypted form and therefore cannot provide the required records to the court. [...] This isn't Montalvao's first clash with WhatsApp, which boasts more than 100 million Brazilian users. The judge ordered the arrest of Facebook's vice president for Latin America, Diego Dzodan, in March. Facebook has said that WhatsApp operates with relative independence and that Dzodan has no control over WhatsApp data.American lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald said: "WhatsApp shut down again in Brazil as of 1 pm ET today: used by 100m people, 91% of those online: all from 1 judge." Read more of this story at Slashdot.