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Budget 2017: Stagnant earnings forecast 'astonishing' - The UK is in danger of losing almost 20 years of earnings growth, warns an independent economic think tank.

Apprenticeship numbers fall by 59% after levy imposed - The number of new apprenticeships falls by 59% after the introduction of levy on big firms.

UK floods: 70 people and horses rescued in Lancashire - Lancaster and Galgate were the worst affected places as bad weather hit the UK.

Inside Saudi Arabia's gilded prison at Riyadh Ritz-Carlton - The BBC's Lyse Doucet is the first journalist to visit the hotel where dozens of prominent Saudis are being held.

James Bulger killer Jon Venables recalled to prison - Jon Venables, who killed toddler James Bulger in 1993, is suspected of having child abuse images.

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Someone told Google to nuke links to mean reviews of disgraced telco True Telecom - And Mountain View obliged Links to pages slating a telco slapped with multiple fines from UK regulators have been wiped from Google's search results after a claimant asked the search giant to chuck them down a sinkhole.…

This is peak AI: Bot to guest edit Radio 4's Today programme - How will you tell the difference? #F_AI_L The BBC has confirmed that Radio 4's Today programme will conduct an interview with a politician via an AI bot "modelled on Mishal Husain".…

Abolish the Telly Tax? Fat chance, say MPs at non-binding debate - 125,000 people tried – and failed Britons simply don't understand that "public sector broadcasting" is a "good for all society", a Labour MP lamented during a Westminster Hall debate on TV licensing.…

Ed Vaizey is right, Matt Hancock hasn't improved broadband - 'Hancock pinched all my ideas' jokes former digi minister Comment For all digital minister Matt Hancock's rhetoric about 'full-fibre' investment, Blighty's digital infrastructure still remains unchanged.…

Remember the 'budget' iPhone SE? Apple plans an update – reports - Midget gem Apple hasn't forgotten its miraculous budget iPhone, the iPhone SE, after all. The ornate miniature looks set for an update next year, according to reports.…

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Uber had a massive data hack – here’s how worried you should be - Uber's customer and driver data has been compromised for a year - but Uber has only just revealed details.

The UK just missed a big chance to cut harmful diesel pollution - Harmful fumes from diesel vehicles are a real problem in the UK but the government's attempt to tackle this toxic issue in its budget is feeble, says Tim Chatterton

Birds have childhood sweethearts that they stay with as adults - Whooping cranes form long-term monogamous relationships, and over half of couples first get together before they are both sexually mature

Soft robot that squeezes your heart keeps damaged organs pumping - Putting a squishy robot around the diseased chamber of a heart helps it pump while you wait for a new one - and could even rehabilitate it so you don't need one

Light pollution is set to double between now and 2050 - The first global “light census” shows that the area affected by artificial lighting is growing by 2.2 per cent every year, posing risks to wildlife and human health

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Workers at Amazon's main Italian site to hold first strike on Black Friday - Comments

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Cloudflare Might Be Exploring a Way To Slow Down FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's Home Internet Speeds - Late Wednesday night, TechCrunch reporter Josh Constine pleaded to tech billionaires to purchase local ISPs near FCC chairman Ajit Pai's home and slow down his Internet speeds. One of the responders to that tweet was Matthew Prince, co-founder and chief executive of Cloudflare, who said: I could do this in a different, but equally effective, way. Sent note to our GC to see if we can without breaking any laws. We have reached out to Mr. Prince for more details. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

'We Are Disappointed': Tech Companies Speak Up Against the FCC's Plan To Kill Net Neutrality - An anonymous reader shares a report from Business Insider: The FCC is planning to kill net neutrality -- and some tech companies are starting to speak out. Pro-net neutrality activists, who argue the principle creates a level playing-field online, are up in arms about the plan. And some tech companies are now speaking out in support of net neutrality as well, from Facebook to Netflix. Business Insider reached out to some of the biggest tech firms in America today to ask for their reaction to the FCC's plan. Their initial responses are below, and we will continue to update this post as more come in. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

YouTube To Implement New Guidelines To Protect Minors From Disturbing Content - YouTube will be implementing five new rules to protect minors from disturbing content. They include removing ads from inappropriate videos and blocking predatory comments from videos that feature minors. CNET reports: The new guidelines are as follows: -Tougher application of Community Guidelines and faster enforcement through technology -Removing ads from inappropriate videos targeting families -Blocking inappropriate comments on videos featuring minors -Providing guidance for creators who make family-friendly content -Engaging and learning from experts These rules follow recent reports that expose fundamental flaws in YouTube algorithms and screening protocol, which fail to recognize or pull down videos that feature disturbing imagery but are aimed at children for monetization purposes. Videos featuring children doing innocuous activities like exercising are also riddled with predatory or sexual comments from viewers, something YouTube is attempting to curb with its new guidelines. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Flowing Water On Mars' Surface May Just Be Rolling Sand Instead - Two years ago, NASA made a big splash when it announced the discovery of flowing water on the surface of Mars. Unfortunately, according to new research from the U.S. Geological Survey, the surface features that NASA thought were made up of liquid water may actually be flowing grains of sand instead. The Verge reports: The features in question are dark streaks that show up periodically on Martian hills, known as recurring slope lineae, or RSLs. When one of NASA's spacecraft, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, studied these lines more closely, it found that the RSLs were made up of hydrated salts -- meaning they were mixed with water molecules. At the time, NASA thought that was significant evidence that flowing liquid water caused these bizarre streaks. But researchers at the USGS say these features look identical to certain types of slopes found on sand dunes here on Earth. Those slopes are caused by dry grains of sand flowing downhill, without the help of any water. It's possible the same thing is happening on Mars, too. Since liquid water is key for life here on Earth, many thought these strange lines of flowing water may help support life on the Martian surface. But now these RSLs may not be the best place to look for life anymore. Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Study Finds Different Types of Alcohol Can Determine Different Moods - A new study published in the journal BMJ Open says different types of alcoholic drinks change and shape your mood in different ways. For example, spirits may make you feel angry, sexy or tearful, while red wine or beer may make you feel relaxed. The researchers questioned nearly 30,000 people aged 18-34 from 21 different countries for the study. BBC reports: The anonymous online survey, which recruited respondents via newspaper and magazine adverts and social media, found: -Red wine appeared to make people more lethargic than white wine -Respondents were most likely to report feeling relaxed when drinking red wine or beer -More than 40% said drinking spirits made them feel sexy -Over half said drinking spirits also gave them energy and confidence -But around a third said they felt aggressive when drinking spirits -Drinking spirits was more likely than all other drink types to be associated with feelings of aggression, illness, restlessness and tearfulness -Men were significantly more likely than women to associate feelings of aggression with all types of alcohol, particularly heavier drinkers Prof Bellis from Public Health Wales NHS Trust said the setting in which the alcohol was consumed was an important factor that the study tried to take into consideration by asking about drinking at home and outside of the home. He said the way different drinks are marketed and promoted might encourage people to select certain drinks to suit different moods, but that this could backfire if it triggered negative emotions. He also said the study revealed a difference between men and women's emotional relationship with different alcoholic drinks. Read more of this story at Slashdot.